Going to Need a Miracle

12 point PPR and made it into the playoffs but have a super tough match up in Round 1 against a truly loaded team. My current QB’s are R. WIlson and M. Trubisky. I hear people say roll with your studs, but R. Wilson against Minnesota is a bad match up. Trubisky is practicing and should play but i worry about his health. J. Winston is on waivers. Do i pivot and drop Trubisky for Winston?

Also, i am carrying 3 injured players and an extra defense. M. Gordon, S. Watkins, and S. Shepard are all Questionable. which leaves me nervous i won’t have options for a last minute pivot.
Chargers D or Minnesota D?

For my flex i have to pick one of J. Jackson, S. Watkins, L. Blount, S. Shepard, or do i make a waiver play a Z. Jones, D. Pettis, S. Ridley?

Bump. FA runs around noon, so any help would be appreciated.

I would try to get dante pettis hes the best option

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IMO i roll with Trubisky. I think the extra time away let him heal and i believe he will be fine.
I would also play Chargers d with how bad the Bengals offense is.
For the flex i would pick up pettis. with his recent use in the offense i think he has a solid floor with HUGE upside capability.

Best of luck

Start Trubisky
Start Chargers D
Either J Jackson or get D Pettis. I would prefer Pettis

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The downside is there would have to be a drop to get him in. Obviously not Gordon, Watkins but I could drop Blount or Shepard?

Starting M. Trubisky, A. Jones, Ware, D. Adams, S. Diggs, Z. Ertz, J. White, OPEN, Chargers D.
that leaves Pettis, Watkins (if healthy), J. Jackson, and Blount for that open spot unless i also sit White and use 2.

I would let go of shepherd. Hasn’t been super productive in the last 4 weeks. And if K. Johnson missed blount is valuable

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I would seriously look at Winston. That game is light rain the whole game. Usually means hard to cover WR’s. I think it will be a shootout and lots of points. Saints D will also be slowed on that field. Hard to get to him.

I can’t realistically carry 3 QB’s into the playoffs so i’d have to dip on either Wilson or Trubisky if i picked up Winston.

Also, what are your thoughts on J. white in the flex vs Pettis and J. Jackson?

I’m starting White in the flex. His floor is so close to double digits in PPR and that has only happened 2 times all season. Normally hitting 15-20 every week. Probability of him crashing is so low. His ceiling 20-25. He got no EZ work last week but he could the way they shuffle from game to game.

So the choice is really Pettis vs Jackson in the other flex, assuming watkins is out again.

With Goodwin returning to full practice this week, is it still worth starting Pettis or should there be a pivot to another option like jones or hamilton?