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Gold Tate or Kelvin Benjamin


Benjamin is the #1 wr but idk about the bills offense. And Tate has Marvin Jones as competition, but I like stafford better than any of the Bills qbs. It’s a 12 team standard league. I have both on my team, but don’t know who to confidently put on my starting lineup.


I mean in terms of which I’d rather have, Golden Tate by a country mile. If you’re asking about who you can get a better value for, that’s a little more interesting because Benjamin is going pretty late in most drafts and has some great TD upside. Is there a reason you don’t want to carry both of them?


Sorry lack of explanation on my part. I do have both on my team, I just don’t know who I should trust more when week 1 rolls around for my starting lineup.


PPR or standard?

It makes a difference. Tate’s definitely more of a volume hog and would be preferable in either full or .5 point ppr.

As for week 1, I like Tate’s matchup just a little better: he’s playing the Jets. Benjamin’s playing the Ravens.

I’d take more of a wait-and-see approach with Benjamin.


I say roll with Golden Tate week 1. General rule for fantasy week 1 is start the players you drafted as starters (injuries and suspensions aside) then start worrying about matchups and upsides in the following weeks. Every time I have tried to get cute and exploit a matchup week 1 it has backfired spectacularly, lol


both formats, im taking tate over benjamin for week 1. i know about what will happen for golden tate week 1. 6 receptions, 60 yards. maybe a TD. thats about what you are always going to get with tate. i have no clue what benjamin will do week 1. and im not going to gamble on it with a team that is looking as bad as the bills are looking right now. i really hope its PPR though cause tates value shoots up, then its not even close.


If your format is Full-PPR, and you’re thinking about who to start week one regular season, I’d plug Tate in without any fears. There isn’t enough data out to say that Benjamin would get the same amount of points right now nor is there enough to say that his ceiling is higher. I have been eyeing Benjamin a lot in drafts I go RB heavy in the beginning.