Golden boy Tate

Does anyone think that Golden Tate is going to have a decent year? I kept him for $9 ($250 3 year keeper PPR) Im still on the fence about it. But someone has to catch the ball for the NYG and Eli can throw it atleast 10 yards. Anyone else keep him or targeting him in redraft in the later rounds?

Tate isn’t the sexiest pick you’ll ever have, but the guy can still be productive. Especially in PPR, he works well around the line of scrimmage and even if he’s only getting 5 catches a game for 60-70 yds, that’s a win in my book for Tate. He averaged just under 4 catches and 50 yds per game last season and that was even with the trade to PHI where he didn’t play all too much (I blame that on the scheme and knowing plays/audibles).

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