Golden Tate & Alf Morris for Julio Jones & Fournette

.5 PPR 12 man league. My other WR’s are Thielen, Corey Davies, John Brown, Keke Coutee & Quincy. I feel pretty happy trading away Tate knowing my other WR options…

Only thing holding me back is my other RB’s are DJ, Marshawn and D’Onta Foreman. If i trade away Alf and Fournette misses week 7 I will be without a starting running back next week… Thoughts?

This is a tough one. Look at your opponent week 7, does he/she have any big pieces on bye? If so I think it may be worth it, thinking fournette will
Be solid rb2 down the stretch. Also, what’s you’re record? If you can’t spare a loss it may not be worth it

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my week 7 opponent currently has no players on a bye and my current record is 1-4. Im happy with my team but just had a string of bad luck losses (currently 2nd highest point scorer in my league but bottom of the table) and I don’t want to have to face a week 7 issue without a running back and being at the mercy of everyone else to trade for one!

I agree with @BostonBongRips here, if you can’t afford a loss than don’t do it. But if you are in a decent situation than it is a good trade to make.

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