Golden Tate ROS?

Trying to improve my WR position. Want to add Golden Tate to my Benjamin/Agholor/Fuller/Sanu. Thinking of offering Lynch and Tyler Kroft forTate, whose owner’s RBs are Murray, Montgomery, and Rob Kelley. His injured Delanie Walker is on bye. Tate’s banged up with a bad matchup this week and is on the guy’s bench. Kroft is better than any TE on waivers. He might go for this. It would leave me with Freeman, Mixon, and Dion Lewis at RB with nobody of consequence on the waiver wire. Worth it for Tate ?

I’m not a believer in Lynch and you need a WR so I say do it. That said, if you do it you won’t have any RB depth and I’d much rather trade Kroft for Tate, but I seriously doubt the Tate owner would accept that. Just understand that Tate is super boom-bust and far from a consistent WR 2.