Golden Tate?

Golden Tate was just dropped. Should I drop either rivers or Henry to pick him up?

My record is 5-2
I have QB’s -Brees, Rivers
WR’ - Garçon, Hogan, Thielen
RB’s -Murray, Henry, Mixon, Kamari, McCaffrey, Ajayi

This is a crazy league.
1/2 ppr and 1/2 point rush attempt
1/4 point pass completed

Bizarre isent it?

Plan on playing without a TE? If you had another TE I’d say Henry but he’s heating up now. If those are the only 2 choices and you have no other TE then I’d drop Rivers. Brees is a start every week

I have Reed and Ertz. There’s no way I’m dropping either of those. That’s why they weren’t in the conversation.

Haha! In that case drop Henry. Unless you see yourself playing Henry over any of those 2 in any coming weeks.

I was thinking rivers but I hate to get rid of that insurance if brees goes down. Not to mention I think I can support a Murray unjury even if I don’t have Henry.


Wow this whole time I was thinking Hunter Henry. Almost screwed you with bad advice. Yea definitely Henry. He’s a nice handcuff but you have a solid lineup in RB. That’s why I asked about the TEs earlier, my mistake

yes grab Tate asap.

Henry is Droppable in my opinion. Your RBs are good to go and you need Tate to help your WRs. Henry, in my league has 5 of his 7 games below 6.5 pts and 2 with 0 pts. I see you get 1/2 pt per rush, but in my opinion his carries is not enough to keep Tate on the wire.

How is this even a question lmao. It’s Tate drop anyone and pick him up

.5 per rush attempt… Wow imagine being the bell owner.


Thanks again