Golladay and Kirk Trades

Robert Woods + Marvin Jones + Raheem Mostert + Djax
Golladay +Kirk

Roster would be:
QB: Goff
RB: Chubb, Michel, Mostert, L. Murray, Malcolm Brown
WR: Julio, Golladay, Kirk, Djax, Chark
TE: Olsen, OJ

I believe Kirk can be a WR2 this year from my flex spot
Whoops, meant to remove Mostert from the new roster list

I think you’re wayyyy overpaying

Woods > Golladay
Yes Woods had a down week and Golladay did well but Woods targets were there, just had some unlucky outcomes, and Goff still hasn’t played a full game well yet; I’m buying Woods low everywhere I can

Jones Jr, Mostert, Djax > Kirk
Jones Jr is irrelevant, a stash guy at best
Mostert is a PPR RB on a great RB team, he’s a weekly flex play
While healthy, Djax is a weekly WR2/Flex

So you’re trading a RB2/Flex and a WR2/Flex for a single WR2/Flex

I would not make this deal