Golladay for 1.16, 2.01, '20 1st

which side would you take?

Depends on what your team needs. This seems overwhelmingly in your favor in terms of picks but ask those who got Guice last year how that went… really depends on your current depth at WR.

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like @Arfnoz said how does your team look like…especially the WRs?
is this a 16 team league?
how are the starting requirements in your league?

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@browna6 Assuming this is dynasty, do you consider yourself a contender? Or are you rebuilding?

Yes 16 team. I would be giving up the picks though and getting Kenny.

Currently have Landry, Edelmen, Enunwa, Parker are my only notable WR’s.

I am rebuilding, but made a considerable amount of moves and changed my team alot. I think i could contend possibly. I would be giving the picks though and getting Kenny.

Notable players
RB’s Bell, Henry, McKinnon
WR’s Landry, Edelmen, Enunwa, Parker

In that case, I would not make that deal. This appears to be paying for Golladay at his ceiling value.

The 2020 first round pick is likely the most valuable piece of the offer. I would prefer the picks over Golladay. If you want, try to use those picks to buy a higher ceiling player.

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I like that you have Landry. Edelman does great in the post-season primarily and otherwise is a fringe WR2. Enunwa and Parker aren’t anything I’d be counting on. I love the picks you would get but I do not like that you’d have to give up Kenny G cause from where I sit, he is poised to be your best WR this upcoming season or second best behind Landry. I don’t trust a Patriot for Fantasy.