Golladay for Fitzgerald and Melvin gordon .5 PPR

I’ve got golladay/tyreek/juju/tate and Saquon/carson/DJ/mattison/penny. Good or bad trade? .5 PPR

Which Gordon, Melvin or Josh? Although I don’t think I’d do it for either. If Josh, you just giving up the best WR for 2 lesser ones. If Melvin, I think your RBs are pretty solid as is, so I’m not sure you need the help there

Thanks, I realized I didn’t include and edited to be Melvin Gordon. My rb depth isn’t strong so I figured it would add depth and could still play fitz this week. I’m not sold on it either, just want some opinions

I’d try to flip JuJu for something, anything, :slight_smile:

Ya that seems to be the consensus, but I think he’s a hold for now. I dont need him to start, just a depth piece for now. Rudolph back next week against the Dolphins. I’ll wait for a big week and sell high

I traded low for juju btw, no draft capital invested in him