Golladay, Godwin, Sutton, D.J. Moore

I’ve managed to accrue these receivers and looking to play 2

BUT WHICH TWO. They all have good matchups or bumps in the last few weeks.

Any advice would be helpful!

Anyone got any insight?

I don’t know if i love Golladay’s matchup but i do like his talent and new opportunity in the Lions passing game. I think if Evans is out for some reason Godwin is a must play, DJ Moore has the matchup advantage and Sutton again has opportunity now and a solid matchup. I think I’d rank as follows:
1st Sutton regardless
2nd Godwin *if Evans is out. If Evans plays moves to 3rd
3rd DJ Moore * if Evans plays for TB moves up to 2nd
4th Golladay - this is close though and i wouldn’t mind if he was number 2, he’s the better receiver but has the toughest matchup but i love the talent and he could get enough volume now to beat the tougher matchups

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Thank you for this! Very helpful!

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