Golladay, Gordon, or John Brown?

1/2 PPR…which one WR should I start this week?

Wow thats tough.
Golladay is going to get excellent coverage and probably be playing in an offense that wants to run the ball against a vulnerable LAC rushing defense.

Gordon is volatile on a normal week but in a game where targets should be limited if NE blows MIA out in the first half as expected and TB12 throws the ball 10 times in the second half plus the addition of AB could take away more targets makes predicting Gordon difficult.

Meanwhile Brown is set up to have a good game against a bad secondary and Allen won’t have 4 turnovers which should mean more opportunity for his apparent #1 WR.

I think the numbers would say Brown but I can’t imagine sitting Golladay and Gordon for John Brown. If he doesn’t perform that would seriously suck. But, if he does outperform the other guys, you look like a genius. If I were you, because I think all 3 guys have unpredictability, I’d go with floor/safety. I think Gordon is the safest play because NE will score (fantasy wise) in the air against Mia. Meanwhile, Golladay could get goosed against great coverage and John Brown isn’t solidified enough to guarantee targets.

Safe play and play I’d make: Gordon
Glory play that very well could workout: Brown

I was leaning Gordon for the same reasons you stated. However, I am rolling with josh Allen this week so that stack is enticing.