Golladay/Ingram for Julio/Drake

Would this be a fair trade. I would be receiving Julio and Drake?

My team:
QB: Stafford, Mayfield
RB: Ingram, RoJo, Gibson, Jamal Williams, and D’Ernest Johnson
WR: Hopkins, Golladay, McLaurin, J Brown, Beasley, Tim Patrick
TE: Hurst

This would make it so that I have 4 starters with a week 8 Bye, so that is also on my mind

To avoid stacking week 8 byes I could change Golladay to McLaurin. But I’m don’t sure who is worth more.

I get not wanting to stack byes, but I’m not sure who is worth more? I think Golladay is even with Julio in terms of name value, but McLaurin is performing better and having a breakout season. But we don’t know how the qb change will affect him. So would try McLaurin to save some value and help with your bye problem.