Golladay? Play or sit?

Golladay is still Q, game time decision it seems. My WRs are Golladay-Q, McLaurin, J Brown, A.J. Brown-O, and Lazard. I’ve got McLaurin and J Brown in now. Would like to play Kenny G but he plays at 4, Brown plays at 1.

I also have Mark Ingram in the Flex, want to play him too but I could pull him last min and go Golladay if he’s active?

What do you think? Pull Brown and gamble on Golladay playing? Play Brown and pull Ingram to play Golladay if he’s active?

Sit Golladay another week?

What do you think?

I would keep McLaurin and J Brown set as your WRs.

I would keep an eye on the reports for Golladay. I believe he will be playing this week against a suspect ARI passing defense, even with Peterson playing.

For Ingram, I believe both of these offenses will be playing keep up with each other that the rush game will suffer for it.

If you are still unsure about Golladay, just leave him on the bench one more week.

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Thanks for the reply. And you’re advice is on point IMO. Last year Ingram had a HUGE game against the Chiefs. If he’s not big this week I’m not sure when he will be?

I’m already playing Jackson and Andrews in this game and I’m sure some other Bal RBs will get some touches so it isn’t like I need Ingram to go off to win the week but I do think he will have a day 15-20pts full ppr?

I’m playing McLauren and Brown at 1:00 and will go from there. Thanks for the reply!

Any other thoughts?