Golladay situation

Hi, Footclan! Should I play AJ Green on Thursday night and bench Golladay? Or do I sit AJ Green and hope Golladay plays fully on Sunday? I also have Edelman available and he doesn’t play till Sunday. Full PPR.

Do you have a backup option on Sunday? I am a Lions fan (unfortunately) and you won’t get anything out of the coaching staff that will help. With that being the case, I’d go AJ unless you have a decent pivot for Sunday incase Kenny doesn’t play.

I have Edelman who also plays Sunday

Ok. Would rather play AJ or are you comfortable enough to take the chance Golladay plays and be willing to play Edelman if he’s out? Its a tough call. Gah I think i would just go AJ. He’s got a safer floor I think.

Right?! I’m leaning AJ at this point. Thanks for your time.

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