Golladay Trade offer

Who’s the better option ROS? Tate or Golladay…Stafford owner and looking to deal for one of them

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Trade Lynch and Burkhead for Tate? Was just offered. I have Gordon, Conner, Drake and Julio, Cole, John Brown

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Help! Lol He wants Lynch and Rex for Golladay…deal?

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keep your guys you dont need lynch or burkhead

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I’m getting Golladay…should I try and get Tate instead

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lols if you can get Tate go for it but Im a Golladay fan and i believe in mini tron

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I like Golladay too…would he be a ROS start as my WR2?

is it ppr or no

I’d rather have Golladay ROS personally but I’m lower on Tate than most. I don’t know if I would want him as my every week WR2 though. Prefer to have him as a flex play.

It’s .5 PPR

more touchdown upside for golloday but tate will forsure get more passes so tate is the safe play

I have Julio, Cole and John Brown…looking for a solid option

I like Golladay and Tate better then brown and cole

Disagree. Over 2 games, Golladay is leading the entire receiving group in routes run, snaps, catches etc. He’s also typically getting easier coverage so will have more 1 on 1 opportunities which he has shown he can win. He’s also working a lot in the short/middle of the field which is where Tate used to dominate. I think we’ll be surprised by year end at the volume split between Tate and Golladay. I definitely don’t think Tate is for sure the safest play.

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Thanks guys!

So i think we are both saying go golladay lol

28 targets for Tate to 21 for Golladay

Yeah except he only has 1 more catch, has zero red zone targets, and a worse ADOT. And again, is still getting out snapped by Golladay. Targets will catch up.

I wouldnt do it. That seems alot for the 2/3 WR for a team. I think he is about worth one of those RB

Golladay all day it shall be…