Golladay trade Opinion

I am trading for galloday to stack with Jones. Offering my first round 2021 (4th position) plus coutee for galloday and his 2nd round 2021 pick(first position). Net Footclan comments. Thanks

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If this is SF I’m definitely out. Else it might not be bad. I like KennyG but do not love him and personally do not see this as an upgrade for him. I do like getting a proven guy (to some degree) for a lottery pick but I think you might get better than him. If not, there are some lovely pieces at 1.04 to choose from that I think will add more to your team. I suppose getting the 2.01 still has you in a top end draft slot so that’s not to be ignored.

I feel this is more of a dealer’s choice. I could talk myself into either side. I think if I had to choose I’d keep the pick and go for youth. It would not be a slam dunk though. If you feel strongly over the KG/Dimes stack then I’d do it.

I hope any of this helps!

Even in 1 QB I’m out on this deal. That stack isn’t going to be as fruitful as Stafford and Golloday were. I’d rather hold the 1.04 and draft one of these young stud WRs.