Golladay, White, or Kupp Keeper

My superflex PPR league allows for 3 keepers with a round penalty strategy. I am keeping my two QBs at a 10th and 14th.

Should I also keep:
Golladay for a 9th
White for a 9th
Kupp for a 13th

I also could keep OJ Howard for a 9th, but I dont think he carries the same potential keeper value. Correct me if I am wrong.

FWIW, I am leaning toward Kupp. I feel like those middle rounds are gonna be so valuable.

I love Kupp he’s amazing

White for a 9th for me. Finished RB7 in PPR last season and should be looked at the same if not more with Gronk being retired.

I’d go Kupp for that value.