Golladay worth 2 first

Trying to get a young emerging WR on team.

Golladay owner wants this years 1.04 (thats fine) and next years 1st. I’m not making the playoffs, even adding him this year (took over a pretty weak team) so my pick will be in the top 6 next year- loser bracket winner gets 1.1

This is too much to give up for him or nah

Kenny Golladay is worth the 1.01 this year as in if he was in a rookie draft, I’d take him at 1.01 comfortably. So putting that in context, giving up an early 2020 1st to move up 3 slots is too rich. Especially if your team is not a contender and you are getting an early 2020 1st in a loaded class.

Yeah i don’t see us making the playoffs, but having a decent chance of being OK enough to get a top 3 pick next year.

Offered the 1.04 and an RB (Carson, Freeman) and he said no, wanted 1.04 and 2020 1st.

Tried to get Anthony Miller for the 1.04 too, but, that owner was too smart for that too.

Trying to figure out who to target in a trade for the 1.04, but i think i’m gonna be stuck with it.

Hope and pray Harry falls to you. It’s rare but I’ve seen it happen. Jacobs/Sanders/Montgomery if people go heavy RB.

now he’s asking about Allen Robinson for the 1.04

gonna have to think about that

That’s a pretty even trade but if I don’t get Harry or Jacobs at the 1.04, I’d rather have ARob. I’ve at least seen him produce as a top 5 WR in the NFL.

Have the trade offer but we want to wait until the draft. draft is 9 hour clock for each pick. ideally would move from 4 to 7 or 8, or get a better offer at 1.04 when we get on the clock.

assume he would still make this trade during the draft

You’re assuming that the player he wants doesn’t get taken before the 1.04. Things change but who knows. No harm in holding on if you think that trade is valid for the entire time.