Golliday for mclauren?

I think i know which way im leaning on this one already, but some extra insight is always nice. Biggest question is when does Golliday actually return.
10 team league. .5 ppr
i have Chark, metcalf, Marvin jones jr, golliday, as my WRs right now

Golladay is trending to play this week, although Babytron himself said he wont be 100% this week.

I like McLaurin and think he will end up being a top 15 WR.

Golladay can end up being a top 5 WR even with missing time. Golladay will be a target monster and will immediately help the offense in Det, especially Stafford. Golladay was the WR9 in 2019 and he dropped 11 TDs with Blough and Driskel throwing to him for half the year.

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Even if Golladay plays this week im not sure that I would start him, but moving forward he has a pretty solid schedule and his upside is huge. I dont really see this trade as a big benefit for me so i think ill just let it pass

If you have the depth to cover for Golladay, then you can sit him this week. If you are in need, then you will have to play him.

I would still take Golladay at 80% over most other waiver wire WRs, especially in 12-14 team leagues.

Why trade for a worse offense and QB that has some serious accuracy issues. I wouldn’t even consider trading away Golladay for Mclaurin

I agree with you @davisr197 Golladay for McLaurin straight up is not a good value trade, especially with Haskins as the QB.

However, I believe in McLaurin’s pure talent. If he can be traded for cheaper, I would attmept it. McLaurin is the unquestioned #1 target in the WAS offense and will see a buttload of volume due to being down in games constantly, I can McLaurin being this year’s A Rob. Great fantasy numbers on a weak team.

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