Golloday for Doug Martin

Full PPR league and we start 3 WRs
WR:Jordy Nelson, Stefan Diggs, Keenan Allen, Sammy Watkins
RB: devonta Freeman, Kareem hunt, Danny woodhead and Duke Johnson.


Are you getting Martin or giving him up? If you’re getting him, YES x1000. Golladay probably just had his best game of the season.

I would be getting him. The owner is countering and asking for Watkins. I have a wire for Kupp as well.

If you can snag Kupp, I’d let Watkins go and take Martin for sure. I see Goff leaning on the skillset of possession-receiver Kupp over Watkins anyway.

I would take it, Martin has RB 1 upside compared to Golloday who at best will be a good WR 2 !


Take the deal!

this a guy who has proven he can be a top 5 rb MULTIPLE TIMES >> Golloday