Good 2QB/SF Dynasty Startup Rankings?

I’m having trouble finding accurate 2QB/SF dynasty startup rankings.

It seems that I either find rankings that are (in my opinion) very inaccurate or not well thought-out… OR they only have dynasty rankings broken down by position, and not an overall, or not adjusted to include 2QB/SF quarterback bumps.

Any help would be appreciated.

What have you looked at already?

My preference is DLF for Dynasty Superflex.

DLF I found for SF/2QB they were all over the place in their rankings. Only two sets of rankings were included, both of which had Zeke after 15 in their rankings so I stopped right there. UDK are decent but they aren’t compiled by overall values in a startup.

I guess I’m just looking for an easy place to start my own rankings with a set that’s already close to where I see things.

I’ve looked at dynasty rankings in general in many different places but it’s hard to find solid 2QB/SF rankings that are coming from a somewhat reputable source.

2QB/SF dynasty is going to heavily favor QBs and WRs…

So while you may not agree with that… you aren’t going to find starting places if you don’t value those two positions heavily…

Dynasty assumes RBs will fall off age 29, WRs will last till 33, and QBs last till 36, and their “value” deteriorates the closer you get to those ages…

I’m not really sure what rankings you want see? Just something to validate your own opinions or something for competitive drafting in a 2QB/SF? Make your own if you want something you agree with :rofl:

I agree with what you’re saying in general regarding positional value with WR/QB, but there is a 0% chance Zeke for example falls past 15. I could see 3-4 QBs going top 10, not 7 or 8.