Good arguments for removing kickers and DST! help a commish out

So what is the argument for removing kickers and DST?

Let me say I am in favor of it and want to suggest it to my league… But want some good points… Not only why to remove it but what if anything to put in its place.

A team won this week because the kicker got 22 and defense got 16… It’s just silly as those positions aren’t even really drafted or discussed… I mean DST are alittle but but kickers aren’t at all.

So for those who have removed the kicker did you replace it with a flex?? Or just remove it and not replace it… I don’t want to make the waiver wire that much more thin by adding a position so I think I’d just rather remove it. Than replace it.

With DST I was thinking of either nerfing the points or maybe swapping out for a IDP player… But I’m worried about IDP position not being deep enough to support 12 different players each week who could score close to the same amount. As LB get more tackles than DB and whatnot so Id want a scoring for IDP that supports enough players.

Any help foot clan

I think you either have to have both or none. Having a DST but no kicker is the worse. One blow up defensive performance and you are done and have nothing to counter. When you have both they at least cancel each other out most weeks.

If you drop them then add another flex over and IDP.

So last year we had K and DST but I nerfed the K big time. Basically one made kick no matter the distance is +1. That way all the kickers more or less were on the same level. Sure sometimes a kicker will have 4 FG and 3 PAT while another has 2 total, but even still it is 7-2 point differential. Hardly a gap you can’t come back from. I didn’t like that a 39 yard FG is 3 points while a 40 yard FG is 4 so that is why i changed it.

However, this year I removed K all together but Kept DST. The only reason a DST will score an outrageous amount is if they get a touchdown and if that is the case they should be warranted the 6 points just like a WR or RB shouldn’t they? I personally think there is way more skill involved in picking a good DST than there is a good K.


Ka’imi Fairbairn and the Falcons D/ST were QB’s 4 and 5 this week. Case closed.

Yeah i tried to do DST with no K and it sucked. But i might just nerf the kicker this way next year.

I respectfully disagree (partially).

First off if your scoring makes it so a K can outscore 90% of the QB then the problem is with the scoring and not the player. You put each made kick worth 1 point and he has 7 points. Hardly a huge number.

Secondly, Atlanta’s defense absolutely dominated in the game, on paper and fantasy. 7 sacks, 2 int and a touchdown of course they will outscore a lot of other players.

I’m all for getting rid of Kickers because it seems to be more of a luck of the draw with them. However, a DST is a little more research needed position. How’s the offense on the other side? Is the defense playing on a short week? Did they have injuries? Does their offense have a bad matchup thus changing their outcome too. All these things need to be taken into consideration when picking a Defense. K on the other hand you can throw a dart at a board of K and roll with them.

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but D is also a luck position. the highest played Ds sometimes poop the bed and then a random D that no one starts gets 15

To each their own in this situation. I wasn’t pick a side nor am I a commissioner. But in my league that’s how the scoring panned out this week haha. I would love to balance out the K and D/ST in my league but my older brothers run it and they’re pretty hard-headed so I deal :man_shrugging:t2:

The same can be said for every position though.

Just look at Drew Brees and Rodgers this week.

Josh Allen and Sam Darnold were top 5 QB and Nick Mullens was top 10 (in my league).


haha older brothers can be that way. I have three of them to deal with so I feel your pain.

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I just think if you remove Ds you should remove Kickers too

Fair enough.

To each their own and when all is said and done, people play the game to see their WR and RB catching TD. Very rarely am I sitting their chugging a beer cuz my DST got a sack. So I get it. Lol

ill chug as long as my D gets 10 points lol


single kicker / DST leagues are a waste of space. It’s much more interesting and better for the league to extend the starting positions. I would recommend you replace the K/DST with an extra WR and either a regular flex or, what I think every league should be doing is adding a superflex position. single QB leagues are a thing of the past. We’ll look back on single QB leagues the way the community currently views standard/non-ppr leagues.

In terms of rationale, it’s much more interesting to try and find a viable starting WR3/4 or RB3/4 from week to week than just basically go to vegas betting lines and pick a D or kicker. Also, because these players need to start for people, it will also make the waivers more thin and actually greatly increase trade activity. Superflex does that the best though. It makes QBs a valuable commodity and heavily induces trading. I experienced this first hand in my league of record where I took over commish this year. Last year, we had like 5 trades total and it was all near trade deadline. This year, we had over 30 trades throughout the entire season. It was amazing.


I could get on board with doing a 2 qb, 3 wr, 2rb, 1 flex league with no required TE, No K and No DST.

I think TE are still fine. Despite the wasteland this year given all the injuries. I do however advocate for a TE premium league. So like 1.5 or 2ppr for TEs.