Good/Bad trade?

Got Thieland and Austin Ekeler and traded Jordan Howard, Tevin Coleman, Greg Olsen.

Full PPR, my other RB are Saquon, Aaron Jones and Kerryon J.

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You win. Not close.

You won for sure

Only I worry is that I lost a RB2

You got literally the #1 receiver so far in .5ppr and The Rb you got back can put up flex
Numbers if not rb2. If Gordon goes down he’s an rb1 if you didn’t win you still got a hell of a player back to help your team instantly

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Yeah man you one.
Ekeler’s value goes up in ppr, they look to be using gordon/ekeler kinda like NO did with kamara and ingram last year.
thielan has been on fire this year and should easily finish higher than howard.
And as an olsen owner myself i know he’s gunna get reinjured so getting him off your books is great.

P.S. standard league ekeler or davis in the flex?

Yeah I don’t care as for Olsen I have Gronkowski. And between Davis and Ekeler I rather have him Ekeler

yeah i think he’s gunna be the play.
seattle and oakland will probably be lopsided one way, dont really want a back on the losing side