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Good Mixon trade?


I just Traded Buck and Paul Richardson and received Joe Mixon. What do you think?


Can’t say for sure without knowing your entire roster, but I’d say you won regardless.


I’d say that’s a win. I think Mixon is better than Buck to finish the year & Richardson is a bench player nothing more.


I don’t care what the rest if the roster is. That’s a home run


They were 2 bench players I will probably never start. Rb I have hunt, cook, cj Anderson, d. Martin and James white. WR I have Thomas, diggs, parker and A.J green


We start 2 rbs, 2 wr, a flex and a superflex


Would any of you have traded Mixon for Martin, not knowing if Martin will actually do anything this year?


Martin could be a beast, which is why I drafted him late and held him, but I think I prefer mixon just because of the unknown with Martin but that’s tough


No idea. I think either, neither or both could be league winners if you got them at the right price. Hard to say though.


I like Martin. The reason he is suspended is for taking physical enhancement drugs (AKA steroids) the man is going to come back a beast. It is the missing piece in Tampa Bay. I drafted him to play him. I prefer to stay away from the Bengals backs. They always have too many backs splitting reps.


Martin has been bad more than he’s been good in his career (he looked good in the preseason, and I drafted him extensively, so obviously I believe in him this year, but the my statement is nevertheless true).

That said, I think Mixon is going to get a big workload moving forward and his talent is ridiculous. He certainly holds risk as well, but he has top 5 upside.


I very much like this trade.