Good news, further questions

League where i had mr. hunt, hadnt handcuffed ware yet, but he was still avaliable so no problem.

question is wide receivers in another league. (pick 2)
Golladay, woods, green.

I am seriously considering having green on the bench this week given matchups and qb situation in cincy
cheers guys.

I think out of the three woods is the only sure start while the other two are both no1 recievers either with weird quarterback situations or really the only reciever on the team

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Cant bench woods he is too consistent. Golloday is literally the only good target stafford has he is a must start. Green is a great player but first game back with new qb I’d sit him this week.

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yeah thats kinda what i figured about AJ, kinda gotta see what he can do with driskel

I’m playing Kenny G over Green; Lions should be playing keep up with the Rams and tossing the pigskin a lot.