Good offer, or am I overpaying?

I want to offer Tyreek Hill and Lamar Miller for one of the following players: McCoy, Fournette, Hunt, Ingram (2 for 1 deal). Am I giving a good offer for any of them, or am I overpaying. I am new to fantasy.

Standard Scoring.

I have good WR depth but only have 1 other useable RB, kamara. My thinking to get 2 solid RB that I can rely on, and then rotate my WR.


I like Any of those. Depending on your wr of course but any of those sound like a good deal for you.

Its a good offer that is a fair price for a great rb

I don’t think your are overpaying at all, especially if you land Hunt or Ingram.

I think that is a fair deal for both sides, as long as you have strong wr depth of course. If you have Kamara I wouldn’t target Ingram. Hunt would be my top target, followed by Mccoy or Fournette.