Good Offer to Sell on Brees? I also have Mahomes

I have Mahomes and Brees, so trying to trade Brees to get some value somewhere. This is a 10 team, PPR, Redraft league. I’m thinking of offering one of the few QB-needy teams (he has Alex Smith right now) Brees in the following offer:

I give:


Peyton Barber

Larry Fitz

I get:

Stefon Diggs

Royce Freeman

I am thinking this would be a decent offer, since the Yahoo evaluator thing says that it puts him up 30 points on the season, and me down 10.

Rest of my team, below, for reference.

QB: Mahomes

RB: Fournette

RB: Ajayi

WR: Odell

WR: Larry Fitz

TE: Burton

W/R/T: Breida

DEF: Denver

K: Tucker

BN: Brees

BN: Big Mike Williams

BN: Keelan Cole

BN: Josh Gordon

BN: Peyton Barber

BN: Marlon Mack (probably a drop this week)

I personally don’t believe mahomes will keep this up forever…

First of all, the yahoo evaluator is an absolute joke. It’s literally meaningless and anyone that uses that thing to make decisions is free money.

You’re basically packaging a QB, an unplayable RB, and an injured WR, for a top 6 WR in diggs, and a top 30 RB in Freeman. As a diggs owner, I would shoot this down immediately.

I’d rather stick with Diggs and Freeman and stream a QB.