Good or bad pick trade?

I’m drafting number 4. Would you trade back for this? His 2(22),4(45),5(51), and 16(190) for my 1(4),7(76),10(117), and 13(148)?

I wouldn’t. Just curious how many people in the league and what pick is he in the 1st?

Not doing this trade.

Seems like a 12 team league with the other guy drafting 3rd? maybe? I personally wouldn’t do it though, I want one of those top 5 or 6 RBs. You will watch a lot of people go before your pick at 21 if I was correct.

at first glance, i laughed at this and said no in my head right away. i thought to myself, DJ isnt worth giving up for that. then i did my due diligence because the question still interested me and i wanted to see if there was a world i would ever do that in. and now, i kind of have to consider it. here is why…

when looking at the ADP of these spots and figuring that its a 12 man, HPPR those picks are looking at players like this.

DJ/Lynch/Hines is what you would be giving up.

Howard/Penny/Tate is what you would gain.

pair that with who you will be taking with your first 5 picks that you still have until the 7th where you lose that player in the trade. it would (if its me drafting) look something like this.

Green/Thielen/D Thomas/R freeman/Kerryon

so im looking at RBs being Howard, penny, royce, and kerryon

lots of youth which isnt always great its just who i would prefer for the ADPs, obviously not set in stone this is just to give an idea of whats around

and my WRs bein AJ green, Thielen, D thomas, Tate.

i love that squad. losing DJ still makes me pause, without a doubt. but is DJs value worth more than the amazing depth you gain? a lot are going to say yes. i think its something to consider still. the real question becomes, would you trade DJ, lynch, and hines for howard, penny and tate? or at least some combo of those players of the same talent level. or, well… ADP level. im still torn on it myself, but hopefully this breakdown of sorts helps with your decision.