Good or bad trade?7

I’m still hung up on this offer I received. A guy offered me Cooper for Davante Adams.

10 team full PPR
My WR core is kinda weak. I have Jordy Nelson, LarryFitzgerald, Adams, and Sanu. I like the deal because it’ll help me cover for the week 8 bye week that Jordy and Fitz are on and playing 2 WR on the same team is hit or miss, but at the same time I’m giving up a guy on a high caliber passing team with Rodgers as the QB and Cooper is not having a good year. Currently WR 51.

So I’d like some advice. Thanks guys.

I think Cooper comes around. Adams is #3 on GB if Cobb is healthy (full participation this week) and Geronimo out paced Adams last week w/Cobb out. Yes it’s a high powered offense but I’d rather have Cooper going forward. Plus like you said, you’ll be able to cover your bye weeks.

Yeah I agree. Cooper is still considered the #1 right?

I’d get Cooper. I still think the upside is there and has a chance to be a legit WR1 if he starts to show up. I don’t think you get that with Adams he’s pretty TD dependent

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Thank you for the help guys!

depends on record i think, Cooper could be good but tough matchups i would sit him if i had better starters. Plus Cobb was very involved.