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Good Picks?


Not sure if I picked them right this week. Any thoughts, Standard Scoring!

Qb: Rodgers
Rb: Freeman, Shady
Wr: Michael Thomas, Demaryius Thomas
Te: Kelce
Flex: Brandin Cooks
D: Jax
K: Tucker

Bench: Gordon, Carson, Thielem, Cohen


There’s nothing there that jumps out as me as bad. I think there are good reasons to play the guys you’re playing.


Debating adding Gordon to my flex depending on his injury and also Carson at an easy Indy defense


Carson isn’t in the same league as these guys, especially behind a bad O-line. Gordon in your flex, that I could definitely see. Cooks isn’t guaranteed anything on an offense where they seem to highlight different players every week. That’s a wait and see kind of choice.