Good Picks?

Not sure if I picked them right this week. Any thoughts, Standard Scoring!

Qb: Rodgers
Rb: Freeman, Shady
Wr: Michael Thomas, Demaryius Thomas
Te: Kelce
Flex: Brandin Cooks
D: Jax
K: Tucker

Bench: Gordon, Carson, Thielem, Cohen

There’s nothing there that jumps out as me as bad. I think there are good reasons to play the guys you’re playing.

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Debating adding Gordon to my flex depending on his injury and also Carson at an easy Indy defense

Carson isn’t in the same league as these guys, especially behind a bad O-line. Gordon in your flex, that I could definitely see. Cooks isn’t guaranteed anything on an offense where they seem to highlight different players every week. That’s a wait and see kind of choice.