Good place for league to communicate


I’m looking for a good website, service, whatever, to use where everyone in my league can keep in touch and discuss, talk crap, post pictures, etc about the league. Something similar to a Facebook Group Page but not Facebook. There are three or four players in the league that don’t have FB and refuse to get it. Is there another service/website out there ya’ll use?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Try out Slack, it is perfect for this and I have used it in multiple leagues

Cool I will give it a shot. I guess I forgot the most important part, what does it cost?

I would recommend Slack as well. Its free!

Isn’t Slack only free to a certain point? Or is that just that it doesn’t archive your posts after a certain point with the free version?

I’ve used it a few times and I really do like it a lot – just unsure about the ins and outs.

I have used Mazey which is great because you can set up different channels for separate posts , and also has DM so your team can talk to each other. I have also used Group me and Google Hangouts

I have been using group me

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Slack is free. The only limitation is that on the free plan, it only stores your last 10,000 messages.
Still, Slack is the best tool for chatting by a country mile!

I’ve always loved groupme. Still use it for my leagues.

GroupMe is nice because you can have group chats and anyone can start a private chat to talk trades. Never used Slack but I imagine they’re similar

GroupMe is very simple and intuitive. I use it for multiple leagues and therefore they are all in one place/app. You can have individual to individual chats for trade talk as well as group chats for league messaging. Further, I’ve been using it for a few years and it doesn’t appear that chats are removed. I can see what people were talking about month and years ago.

Slack is more complicated. At it’s base, it provides one to one and group chat.
But it also also provides:
-connections third part apps (Google Drive, etc.)

  • face to face (may be a payed options)
  • a very searchable interface
  • and other stuff (I’m not an expert!)

Slack also has these very individual workspaces (one workspace per league). I find it less intuitive or easy to switch from one league to another. This is only a problem if you have a fantasy problem to start off with…

One thing to watch out for in Slack is peoples can join and leave channels as needed. If you don’t notice or understand how this works, you may have people seeing conversations they are not supposed to.

Thank you everyone for the feedback. I will give these a shot and see which one works the best for what my league is looking for.

As always, Footclan delivers.