Good Problem: Stand Pat or try to trade

Hello all. This is a 12 team PPR league. I have a lot of depth. I love my team. I went up against Kupp so I still will likely lose this week and be 2-2, but I have pieces coming back. I stream DST/TE/QB/K. My QB and TE could get better, but I like them too.
My questions:

  1. Do I try to trade, or stand pat?
  2. If I do trade, how type of packages would you offer to get a top tier player

QB- Rivers
RB- Gordon
RB- K. Johnson
WR- G. Tate
WR- K. Allen
TE- Njoku
Flx- Corey Davis
DST- Stream (Sea this week)
K- Stream (Lutz this week)

BN- Larry Fitz
BN- Edelman
Bn- M. Ingram
BN- B. Powell
BN- D. Lewis
BN- A. Jeffery
BN- A. Cooper

I love Ingram ROS, but this is full PPR. The Gurley owner has some holes. I could maybe package for Gurley. Gronk just went down, Ertz/Kelce owners are fairly bullish on keeping them (understandable). I have a lot of stock in LAC, so that does make me a little nervous. But I think this should be a playoff team.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!