Good problem to have?choose my wrs,ppr

Calvin Ridley,Keenan allen,cooper kupp or chris godwin,who do I sit??

I would probly say Allen–as he is currently behind Williams in targets, receptions, and TDs (though he is ahead of Williams in yardage)–if the Chargers weren’t playing the Chiefs, but since that’s bound to be a track meet, I think he has to be in the lineup.

Godwin leads all Bucs WRs in targets, receptions, yards, and TDs, so he’s a must-start as well.

And while there’s some temptation to say that Kupp is due for an off week, it’s awfully hard to bench the current WR1 in PPR.

So that means you’re going to have to bench the first one you drafted, your prized 2nd round pick, Calvin Ridley. There’s some temptation to say that he’s due, too, in the same way that Kupp is due–but the other three are just too hot to bench for the hope of Ridley breaking out of his slump.

First world problems indeed…