Good RBs who to sit?

Standard League. Had my RBs set but I somehow picked up McKinnon on waivers to add another good one to the mix. 2 RB and 1 at Flex. One of them sits out. Who do I sit out???
Gordon vs Denver
McCoy vs Bucs
Hyde vs Dallas
McKinnon vs Ravens
It’s a good problem to have I guess but still trying to pick the right guys for the week.
Suggest away my friends!!!

I’d only be between Hyde and McKinnon. Check who’s at home. Also the downfall with Hyde is they might be playing from behind so they may have to go away from the run early

I would sit Hyde. Think Sean Lee will be back for Dallas this week?!

I would sit Hyde. Gordon is involved in every aspect of the Chargers game. So no matter what happens he will be involved. McCoy is a must start every single week. McKinnon may have a tough match up but he had a high upside.

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