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Good Start Sit Problem?


.5 ppr . Pick two (2) WR to start. My starting RBs are D. Johnson, D. Lewis, T. Yeldon.

WR to choose from are:

Thinking Diggs and Agholor but not sure.

Brag note and assist: Getting C. Thompson for Cobb. Would you start Thompson over any of my starter RBs?


Chris Thompson over Yeldon for me. I’m fine with Diggs and Agholor, although I might play Kupp over Agholor. But they’re close


Thompson is not the primary back but Yeldon will be. You really feel Thompson is still a better start as the secondary?


In a 1/2 PPR Thompson is very valuable. Do you know who gave up the most receiving yards to RBs last year? The Colts, who Washington plays this week. I wouldn’t think twice about starting Thompson honestly, great play this week. Big part of that offense and although it’s only a one game sample size, Smith relied on him heavily last week and IMO he will continue to do so moving forward.






Most weeks, I’d agree. Yeldon would be preferable against the Pats, though.

For WR’s I’d pick Agholor and Lockett this week. I don’t trust Captain Kirk in Lambeau.


I was afraid of that but then with Rodgers and their high scoring possibility I thought maybe Kirk will have to keep up with high passing volume.


He will certainly try.


Colts are a better matchup than Pats IMO. Look what Mixon did to Indy last week


Maybe. I’d rate Mixon above Thompson, though.

Also, receiving backs were excellent against NE last year, with no discernable upgrades.


Mixon > Thompson for sure

Thompson > Yeldon with better matchup


Thanks everyone. Will start Thompson. But original question going with Diggs and Agholor.