Good trade? Bad trade? Post link and I'll respond to yours

I give: Jordan Howard, Jamison Crowder, Jeremy Maclin
I get: Dalvin Cook, Brandin Cooks

Just nervous about Howard this year. Should I do this? Should I take off Maclin from the offer and just do 2 for 2? Thanks in advance.

My Team:

QB- Andy Dalton
WR - Jamison Crowder
RB - Lev Bell
RB - Jordan Howard
TE - Jack Doyle
W/R - Carlos Hyde
BN - Terrance West, James Conner, Matt Breida, Devante Parker, Jeremy Maclin

I feel like he won’t accept the trade if you take off maclin??

I’d make the trade tho love Cook this year. Bears are just bad team feel like the TD won’t be there again for Howard

That is kinda what I was thinking. I grabbed Maclin just so I can toss him in a trade randomly to add some surface value for the other team. I appreciate the response.

Might be worth trying howard and maclin for dalvin cook? He might not give up cooks for crowder

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I’d counter without Maclin, or offer it that way first, if you’re the initiator. I’m selling Howard hard, but that’s a bit much.

Definitely try without Maclin first and then reevaluate if he turns that down. Good luck. I think its a good move. Im also trying to shop Howard, let me know what you think of this: