Good trade? Diggs for Mixon?

Was just offered this trade, I have Mixon. Been trying for Diggs for some time now. I’m kind of liking it due to the inconsistency of Mixon and the consistency of Diggs it could be a win in my favor.

My other RBs are Jacobs, Justin Jackson, and James Robinson. So I have some depth. What are some opinions?

not sure who you have at WR but I dont think that is enough in the RB department to trade mixon away

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For sure, I have Mike Evans, Claypool, Diontae Johnson, Devante Parker and Thielen

yeah, thats tough going down to 3 RB, im looking to trade for a WR in a league too. but most of the offers leave me at 3 RB, which i dont like personally.

i dont know how much value Justin Jackson is going to have in a couple weeks when Ekeler is back.

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yeah I would say no to that unless you can throw in one of your WRs and a RB from him or something. I just dont see how 3 RBs are enough to finish the season this year. Plus with Evans and Thielen you are in a pretty decent spot for WRs

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You all make great points, thank you for your opinions and advice!