Good Trade? Matt Ryan and Keenan Allen for Mark Ingram, John Brown, & Semien

I have Tyord Taylor.

Have not been completely pleased with Ryan.

RB Owened:
Elliot, Duke Johnson, Forte, Stewart (Droped)
WR Owened:
Evans, Thomas, Allen, Docston, Jordan Matthews (Trying to pick up Robert Woods)

I can careless about the rest, just wanted ingram.
Was this a good trade?

I think this trade boils down to trading keenan allen for mark ingram, and I think this is a fair trade for the time being. Looking at your team, I like the idea of you getting a good rb2 like ingram

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Agreed, you can replace Ryan one way or another. Ingram is better than Allen so far. Go for it.

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Thanks guy. Half my league think the other guy won the trade and the other half believe I did the best trade of the season.

I am 5-2 and he is 3-4

He is getting alot, but I feel like you won this trade overall. He will get more points, but you need a running back really bad. I feel like you’re getting more value overall. Hopefully that reads on your screen like it sounds in my mind, lol. If you’re 5-2 without a top running back this trade should only make you better. There are plenty of QB’s you can stream.

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Now my leauge trying to veto the trade. It already has 4 votes. needs 2 more. I am very pissed.

I feel like my team is being attacked just cause I’m in the top.

Anything that will improve my team regardless if it also improves the other team member, it will get vetoed.

This is the 2nd time my trade got vetoed.

I told my league if this gets vetoes, i’m out. I’m dropping my players. I don’t want to be in a league that plays games. demanding my money back.

Ive been having no luck with trades myself. The last place team wont trade with me because he has given up, and everyone else keeps gifting players to the highest scoring team!! And I play him this week! Driving me crazy, lol.