Good Trade? Or no?

1/2 ppr, lost Odell, Jordy lost Rodgers, Diggs is an injury concern.

So I traded away Freeman and Diggs, for Hopkins, Murray, and Henry.

My WRs are now Hopkins, Crabtree, Shepherd, Funchess. RBs are Hunt, Murray, Martin, and Henry.

Was it a good move?


I think that was a great trade for ya. You get a nice bump with Hopkins and though right now I might lean more towards freeman, Murray still has good potential rest of season. Then you top it off with Henry.

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It depends on your record - Iā€™m in the same boat and sitting at 3-4 in a 12 man league. I like the move. Hope Murray works for you but you have Henry as a fail safe

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Yeah, 3-4 too, should have put that in there.