Good value or overpayment?

Hey guys so I was needy for a good receiver and was stacked at RB, so i traded Ridley and Ingram for mike Evans. Was that a fair trade for both sides? I got Ingram off of waiver (for some reason) and ridley was my last pick in the draft… thanks guys.

Yeah it’s a good one

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In your situation that sounds like it was a fair play. Especially for scoring Ingram off the waiver.

Dependent on their needs / lineup I think it’s pretty even. Ridley has a good floor and has been producing well.

Good trade. I think both ingram and Ridley are overvalued right now. Mike Evans is playing like a stud. Just hope Winston doesn’t screw up his production.


On paper this is a good deal and fair trade. HOWEVER, Mike Evans was on my bench most of last year for streamers because Winston was worse than Eli… And the games I did play Evans he lost me the week… He was completely untradable but not droppable either… He was Amari Cooper squared last year, and I am petrified of non-tight ends in Tampa…

Put it to you like this, I have WAY more faith playing Ingram and Kamara together than playing any Tampa non-tight end on a weekly basis until Winston proves otherwise…

I had mike evans as well and he aggravated me but he has a good year then a bad year… i like the upside of evans even with winston. A lack of a run game will produce volume im hoping

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Here’s my thoughts about Evans. Something I posted on another post here.

Ok…may be wrong here…LOL…prob am. BUT…just tossing up food for thought. Every year some things tend to follow the trend of previous years and some things take a different turn. Concerning Evans…yeah…in past years Winston didn’t tend to target Evans as much as Fitz has while Jameis has been sitting on SUSP. BUT…can’t help but wonder if Winston might have been paying attention these past few weeks and might not tend to look at Evans a little more this year now after seeing what he’s done from Fitz.

Again…I’m no expert here, and don’t even profess to be great at making judgment calls…

Just food for thought!!!

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TY @MikeMeUpp. My point EXACTLY!!!

Well mike evans is still the number 1 receiver on their team and he gets redzone looks as well as long bombs, whether its fitz or winston but id say winston is on a short leash as well

Well lets change it up and just look at this week in particular… do you think evans is a potential week winner or should i have waited to trade ridley? @MikeMeUpp got any opinion about thay?

Since I have Evans as well…curious as to whether most replies confer with my thoughts!!! Watching this… :thinking:

Evans has a great matchup. I’d still much rather play him than Ridley. Ridley has been a sell high for me for like 3 weeks so anytime you can get decent value for him, I think it’s a good sell.