Good win or MVS

So starting mvs right now would you drop for Goodwin as great match up full ppr league ?

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I would hold off one more week until you drop MVS, you dont just drop Rodgers 2nd best receiver. Who else is at the bottom of your bench. I like Goodwin in his matchup but i would like to know what your team looks like before making decision. Is there anybody on your opponents team that went off on TNF?

Well i feel like you have a matchup advantage everywhere except for maybe dion lewis. If he is starting Humphreys then i would say Goodwin to play the matchup. MVS doesnt grav as many receptions as MVS even though he does get the long bombs i would day goodwin has a safer floor and higher ceiling that Humphreys. I would go with Goodwin.

So would you drop mvs then ?