Goodwin, woods or dede

Standard league. Flex spot, my two other wr are jordy and Allen and they’re definitely starting. Please help

I say go with Dede. Volume against a bad Texans defense.

Yeah? I’m torn between dede and goodwin. I do like the fact that jags d is bound to get some turnovers and short field, so the tds could definitely be there. But goodwin has been so good lately

Goodwin is pretty much the fastest man alive. Im benching Crabtree to start him with no worries at all!

It does appear that Jimmy G is locked in on him. But - Blake has been on a roll and like the Jax giving them good field position.

Aww man, you guys have good arguments on both goodwin and dede. I like goodwin for his speed and big play potential as well as his uptick in targets but dede has the potential to be elite, as well as he’s getting targets and bortles is playing well. Hard decision