Gordon and Keenan?

I have the 8th pick in a full ppr league (2 wr).

I am planning on taking Melvin Gordon (if Saquon is not there) but in some mocks Keenan Allen is falling to me, with AJ Green being the other option. Would I be crazy to double up and take Keenan?

On that offense it is not. However, if I had Gordon already and had to choose between Keenan and AJ I would go AJ. I think AJ will bounce back this year a little and be on the same level as Keenan. So since I see them very similar in stat production, I would prefer to have players on separate teams if I can.

I would rather grab another option. CMac, AJ Green, MT who are all going in that same range. Getting skilled positions on the same team is not optimal. Creates more variance in your team. Typically, when adding variance, you need to increase upside. But this move adds variance and caps upside. Overall, a poor play. Unless it’s like some super great value that falls to you, I usually avoid it.


This has been addressed a number of times, so I’m not going to go into it in depth, but I don’t see it as a problem at all. Wouldn’t consider it more than as a tie breaker between two players I value equally.

I’ve gotten that pair quite a few times in mocks and I usually take it. It’s the bulk of a primed offense, take it if you feel good about those guys. (just be a little more conscious of your bye weeks after)

Which is what I said above. I value CMAC/MT/GReen very similarly to Keenan Allen. So given the choice, I’d rather have one of those other guys.


Here is a discussion about it earlier man.

I went ahead and stacked them as i really believe the chargers will have a strong year. In saying that they both seem to have low trade value in my league so trying to work packages does not work.

Both have potential top 5 upside and both are definetly top 10 at their positions so why not.

Why not go with another Rb like Hunt, Howard or McCaffrey