Gordon for A. Jones?

Got offerred Melvin Gordon for A. Jones? I have decent depth but am lacking the true no. 1 RB. Thoughts on Gordon getting back to form?

I think it’s time to adjust our expectations of Melvin Gordon. Observations regarding the Chargers’:

  1. Austin Ekeler is not being phased out - it’s more of a timeshare
  2. The offense is not great, maybe not even good. The addition of Hunter Henry should help with that but the offense has not functioned well as of late.
  3. The defense has been a let down. A once-feared defense now giving up huge point totals week to week, the game script is going to work against Melvin Gordon more often than not.
  4. The upcoming schedule is not easy. TEN, CHI, GB,…DEN,…MIN. These defenses are tough on the run.

I much prefer Aaron Jones, even after his poor performance last night. He’s on a better offense that will visit the redzone more often. Plus, the GB defense is much improved and can preserve leads which benefits Aaron Jones’ rushing attempts.

Stick with Jones.

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Very well laid out. I agree with the points but GB also feels like a “ride the hot hand” between Jones and Williams as disgusting as that sounds haha.

Thanks for the input. Really want the owner to start Lev Bell for A. Jones talks. He is 1-5 and im 5-1 so I don’t feel pressure to sell cheap. My RBs are:

Carson, Jones, Jacobs, Mack, D. Williams, Montgomery, Ekeler, and M. Brown.

Fair enough. That makes the analysis even more simple then: if both LAC and GB are using RBBC then choose the better offense (and offensive line). That, to me, is GB.

You have plenty of RB depth so I wouldn’t worry too much about this trade. Only trade away Aaron Jones if you’re getting a favorable offer.