Gordon for Godwin

Standard Scoring

Trade away Matt Ryan and Godwin.

Get Melvin Gordon and Lockett

My team

Ryan, Winston

Zeke, Conner, Samuels, Murray, R Freeman

Godwin, Gallup, T Williams, Ridley.

Hooper, Fells



Any help appreciated.

Given Conner’s current injury and being ruled out for the rest of tonight’s game, i’d do this. Winston has a pretty good looking schedule upcoming and has been spreading the ball around a bit more so Godwin’s numbers coming back to earth.

Will see if they go for it. He has Kamara so maybe throw Murray in as well ?

I would make the trade, Lockett will likely be back after the bye and may very well outscore Godwin rest of season. Gordon is a prime bounce back canidate (potential RB1 rest of season). That’s some really solid value.

Murray has stand alone value so I wouldn’t throw him in for free if you can avoid it. Hopefully the other team needs a qb bad enough.


He has Dalton and Brissett.

Not sure he will give up both but will see.

Would you guys do Gordon for Godwin straight up. I would need to try and grab another WR off waivers.

Nah, that would weaken your receivers too much.

Guy will do

Gordon and Lockett for

Ryan, Godwin, Lat Murray.

I grabbed Miles Sanders and need a TE so extra roster spot could help.

Even trade or no ?

Bumping thanks.

Value is good, and as a sanity check Fantasy Pros trade value chart puts it in your favor. And you could use the skill position bump, so I’d probably do it. Winston is a little risky but he projects well rest of season and I’m rolling with him in a couple of spots.

Thanks .

Wasn’t sure about adding Murray but really appreciate your help.

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