Gordon for McCaffery

Guy offered me CmC and a 1st next year for Gordon in a full point per reception, .2 per rush dynasty league.

Thoughts? I’m pretty high on the Chargers this year but this is interesting indeed…

I think that is a fair value. CMC will have the pass catching but Gordon will get more touches. If it helps your team I would accept that.

I expect CMC to get more work this year, and look good doing it. I would value Gordon slightly more this year, but CMC is also younger and has less tread off his tires. I think the 1st is more than enough to make up the difference. I’d pull the trigger.

If you are a serious contender, then I would keep Melvin Gordon. If you are in any way rebuilding or a middling team, then I would take CMC and the 1st.


I think @fun4willis said it best