Gordon / fournette owner questions

I have Melvin Gordon and Fournette both of which look likely they won’t play this week. Who do I pick up on waivers if anyone?

My RBs: Melvin Gordon, Leonard Fournette, TJ Yeldon, Nick Chubb, Phillip Lindsay
Available on waivers: Carlos Hyde and Justin Jackson

Do I pick anyone up? I have an open spot with Melvin in my IR spot. I’m not sure Hyde would be a better play than Yeldon. I typically play a 3rd RB in my Flex because my receivers aren’t great.

I also only have $5 left to spend.

Not sure why your panicking bud, you have totally startable backups in Chubb and Lindsay.

I would simply start those 2 and take a flier for the 3rd flex, any WR that you just have a good gut feeling about.

If he’s available in your league however, josh adams on philly is definately a must-add

Also, Gus bust

Josh Adams is gone. There’s really nothing much on waivers for RB. I’m 12 team league so not too much left out there.

And I’m not too worried, but I’m playing the best team this week and my WR are TY Hilton, Amari Cooper, Doug Baldwin, Calvin Ridley, and Trequan Smith. Nothing dependable for WR so I’m always nervous putting another WR in my flex cuz I’ve been burned a bunch this season. And it’s always a toss up which one to pick.

He gone too :frowning:

of that bunch i’d probably go TY and Amari at 1 and 2, and then flex Doug this week, as they have a totally beatable D in SF.

Ridley has baltimore next week and Smith has Dallas, so Doug wins out there matchup-wise

I’m in a 3 WR spot league which sucks. I currently have TY, Cooper, Baldwin and then Fournette, Chubb, and Lindsay. Just praying for no suspension.