Gordon, Hopkins or Barkley... Arghhh

8 team league, standard scoring
2 RBs 2WR’s and one WR/RB flex

My pick is 1.02
Gurley, Hunt, Kamara, Zeke, DJ and Bell all gone as keepers.

(I have Watson as my keeper the 14th #value)

My guess is A Brown will go 1.01 (if he doesn’t I will take him).

Who to take?
Gordon makes sense, but Barkley has serious upside and am super tempted by the Watson-Hopkins stack…

I probably lean Hopkins, though I’d be cool with Barkley, too.

Gordon going to split volume with Ekeler?

Not Ekler, but maybe Justin Jackson

Yeah, I hear you.

I’d take Barkley, and that’s coming from an eagles fan

Barkley should get more opportunities than Gordon. Hopkins has a higher ceiling out of the three but I’d go with Barkley since the RB’s will be much lower quality by your second pick.

Barkley has a higher ceiling than Hopkins.

Not to add more confusion, but I would add OBJ to the list as well, assuming he’s available. I personally rank him above Hopkins, he’s been unbelievably consistent throughout his career.

At the end of the day it comes down to whether you want to swing for the fences or play it safe… Gordon has a very high floor just from a volume standpoint, whereas Barkley’s range of outcomes is everything from RB1 to complete bust. I expect him to be a mid range RB1 this season, but you never know. If you believe Watson will pick up where he left off before the injury, then its hard to say no to Hopkins because he could quite easily end up as the top WR in the league. If Watson regresses though then Hopkins could struggle like he did a couple of years ago. You know with OBJ you’re going to get 90+ receptions, 1200+ yards and 8+ TDs.

When all is said and done, I’m a Barkley believer (and a biased Penn State fan) so I would take him, but OBJ probably has the most guaranteed value.

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I would for sure take OBJ over Hopkins in any format.