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Gordon/Howard or Barkley/Keenan


8th pick, 12 team standard league.
Took M. Gordon over S. Barkley in the 1st and then J. Howard over K. Allen in the 2nd. I love Allen this year but I went with a second stud RB and still ended up with Thielen (over Diggs), A. Cooper, and C. Hogan with my next 3 picks. Also snagged D. Lewis as my 3rd RB and C. Davis as another WR with potential. I love Gordon and Howard as my 2 RBs and I think I still got quality receivers.
Did I mess up by passing up on Barkley for Gordon? Should I have taken Allen over saddling another stud RB in Howard? Thanks!


I’m a giants fan and I’m taking Gordon over Barkley. Give me the three down back who has shown us he is a fantasy stud over the one that hasn’t proven it 100% of the time. Giants o line is “repaired” but is it really? Can Eli keep the ball moving to give Barkley the TD opportunity that Gordon will have?
As for RB vs WRs. The top 12 backs are more consistant than the top 12 WRs. Outside of AB, OBJ, NJ, and DH there are a million RBs I want before I look at another one. I have been mock drafting more or less punting the WR position because outside of the top 12 guys I can see an argument for the next 30 to finish 24. So I do like getting one elite guy if I can in round 3 Diggs or Fitz. But otherwise i think there’s so much late round potential it’s hard to want to invest in guys like Allen who will be good 50% of weeks anyway.


I am a big fan of Gordon this year, so I don’t think you made a mistake taking him over Saquan. I think they will both be very good, so no losers taking either of them. I do think you made a mistake not taking Allen. Dude is going to have a great year, top 5 potential. Don’t care about having 2 players from the same team if you are both good and the offense is good, which they both are and the Chargers offense is. I personally would go Diggs over Thielen, I think he will be the best Vikings WR this year.


+1 on Diggs.
I have tried mocking Hopkins and Allen but I end up with zero RBs that I like, I end up going zero RB and I don’t take all the late WRs I have stock in


It’s hard to say but I think you made the right decision the giants line still hasn’t proven themselves with flowers on the lineup still it’s not guaranteed Barkley will do great running to his side. The line didnt look great in preseason Barkley had one good run than was stuffed almost everytime after that imagine what it will look like in the regular season when all the 1s are playing. Melvin and Jordan have solidified themselves as top playmakers with mediocre lines.


I’d have taken Barkley, but don’t have an issue with Gordon over him, if you are looking for some safety. I’d take Allen over Howard in every format and every situation though. Not even close for me.


I’d have taken Allen, but I like Howard to be a stud this year.