Gordon, Kamara or Fournette

I have the 1.02 and 1.03 in a .5 PPR 12 team 1 keeper league. Before you ask, I traded my keeper for the 1.03 and 3.03 (I have no 2nd round pick).

David Johnson, Saquon, Bell, Gurley, Cook, Zeke, Hunt, McCaffrey are all out of consideration.

I want to start with a strong set of RB1s and had been set on Gordon and Kamara as my choice but then I looked at Jax strength of schedule and the volume that Fournette will get. Thoughts?

im not apposed to fournette over kamara. even kamara truthers have to admit there is risk that comes with him. anyone that touches the ball that little, there is risk. they have to be highly efficient. which, he was ridiculously efficient last year. fournette doesnt need to be. he has volume. and an improved o line. so the safety of gordon fournette, even if the risk of injury is higher with fournette, its not a bad choice. the question comes down to, do you want a ton of high upside for your RB2? if so, take kamara. if you want a reasonable safe per game floor, fournette.


I agree with @BusterD and I would add that Fournette has more injury risk and more miles on the tires from college but I think this comes down to roster make-up at your other positions. I don’t think you’re worng either way, but I do feel there is regression in store for Kamara and he doesn’t feel like he’ll be a bellcow necessarily and if Fournette stays healthy , he could be a beast regardless of pass catching chops which he has improved greatly on from college.